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Services Provided

I do not provide Crisis Counseling.  If you are in a crisis, please call the
Mental Health Connections 24-hour hotline at 970-221-5551 or 911.

Personal Individual Counseling
Personal individual counseling is available to help assist you in making changes in your life that can help generate new ideas and opportunities to improve quality of life. 
Maybe this is the time for new discovery and understanding of yourself and the relationships around you.  This can create a major shift in your thinking, feelings, how you perceive your life, and begin a passion for living.

Prior to Initial Assessment
Download and complete the intake forms and bring them to your first session to save time.  The initial assessment will consist of a review of your health, personal history, and how you feel about your life to determine treatment goals.  This is a 90-minute session for $115.  Subsequent sessions are 50 minutes at $75 and will be evaluated weekly, determining the number and frequency of sessions arranged as therapeutically necessary.


Individual Grief Counseling using the Grief Recovery Method®
The Grief Recovery Handbook – 20th Anniversary Expanded Edition – is used as the text for this program. Since our concern is for long-term success, not speed, I will lead and follow at your individual pace. You will be asked to commit to a weekly schedule and to complete a weekly homework assignment, so you can benefit from the work you are about to undertake.  You will also be asked to commit to the kind of emotional honesty it takes to make this process successful for you.

Small Group Grief Recovery Method® Outreach Program
Small group counseling is a 12-week series involving the Grief Recovery® Outreach Program.  It is a small group forum of no more than 8 people and provides a safe environment for participants to take the actions of The Grief Recovery Method®.  Participants examine their existing beliefs about dealing with loss, what losses have affected their life, and take new actions that can lead them to completion of the pain attached to those losses. As a result, the participants find that they are able to discover and complete what was left emotionally unfinished due to a death, a divorce, or other major loss.

The Grief Recovery Method® is a powerful and dynamic experience and is the most sensible, accessible, and authentic plan available for recovery from loss.  As your Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®, I facilitate each group.

The Outreach Program is neither a support group nor a drop-in program. It is an experiential, action-based course with homework assignments, involving a commitment to weekly attendance that is vital for maximum benefit in the healing process.

How do I determine if I should participate in the Grief Recovery Method® Outreach Group or the individual Grief Recovery Method® counseling?
Determining which type of counseling you should participate in is entirely up to you and what you feel more comfortable with.  Some people feel uncomfortable sharing their feelings and their experience of grief with others and prefer to engage in a private one on one environment with their therapist.  In this case, individual counseling would most likely be a more comfortable means of being emotionally honest to make the process more successful for them.  Other people feel more comfortable sharing their grief and experience with others as they feel a connection with those who have experienced the depth of their own grief.  The important thing to remember is that you are in an environment where you can be honest and follow through with your commitment.

If you are tired of thinking about your losses and are ready to take action regarding present or past losses, please contact me.  If you are interested in information about individual sessions and or the 12 week Grief Recovery Method® Outreach Program group in order to recover your energy and improve your quality of life, please schedule a call with me.

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